Custom Work!

Here is a collection of our custom work. They are unique to the individuals that requested them. All of these pieces are one of a kind. Yours could be similar but will vary in color, stone, and design. Please scroll through and see if you find anything you like! You can use the link below to contact me and I will work with you to create a one of kind piece. We are looking forward to working with you!  

This belt buckle was made for a good friend and Captain. He asked for an all Colorado themed belt buckle to go with his Colorado elk ivory's! This piece combines turquoise from Cripple Creek CO, elk ivory, and Colorado silversmithing! 


This is a beautiful one of a kind set. Each piece is accented with sterling silver bears, giving this amazing set a "spirit of the bear" feel. The set was designed with a triple pendant necklace, matching earrings, and a large statement ring. The buyer requested a custom chunky cuff bracelet to match. 


This Elk ivory is from the first elk my best friend harvested. I happened to be with him for that memorable hunt. I sent him some pictures of turquoise options. He picked out a rare, and expensive stone from my collection, Prince Turquoise to accent his elk ivory. 


This beautiful piece was made for my amazing mom, "the Queen"! Her wedding band broke and she didn't know what she should do with it. She gave it to me and said melt it or something. What!! I could not do that, so I found this lovely old stock natural Kingman Turquoise and used her old wedding band to encircle the stone. Giving it new life as a pendant!


This set of Elk ivory's had such cool color they were just asking to be made into earrings. One our guides for Camp Gulch Outfitters said my wife would love a set of elk ivory earrings. I was able to get them done just in time for Christmas!


I made this buckle in my first few mouths of silversmithing with Price turquoise, a bear claw from my bear and red Chinese coral. It just needed to be seen so I have calmed this one!


A very good friend's wife harvested an awesome bull elk in Utah and asked for something unique! I cut a piece of old stock Kingman Turquoise and set it all in silver for a new dangle pendent design.


I cut and polished this piece for stabilized Moronic turquoise and set it in silver. It was going to be a nice large statement piece for my website. But, my wife said I need to advertise this for you...and I have not gotten it back! 


I made this buckle for one of my favorite fundraisers. The CBR youth connect Clay shoot. Every summer this awesome organization puts on a fun shoot and auction to raise money to help troubled kids and their families here in Colorado. I can't say enough about the wonderful people that donate their time to this organization!


 A good client of Camp Gulch Outfitters and friend saw some of my previous work. He requested a similar piece but unique for his daughter for a special Christmas gift.