Entrepreneur, Outdoor Enthusiast, and Silversmith

My name is Zach Harris and I have always wanted to start my own business built around my creativity and my passion for the outdoors. In elementary school I started making and selling dream catchers and cigars, and hunting with my father. (Technically I should not have been selling cigars, but I like to learn things the hard way). My interest in jewelry began in middle school when I took my first jewelry class. I've always loved my uncle's shop in Woodland Park, Chimayo Turquoise; I spent many weekend days there as a young adult, learning about quality Native American jewelry from uncle Dan.

Hunting has been a life long passion for me. In 2014 my brother and I started our own outfitting business called Camp Gulch Outfitters. In 2020 I happily retired from the oil and gas industry. Which let me discover my passion for silversmithing and gave me a horrible addiction (according to my wife) to buying blue rocks. It is a dream come true to have found a way to combine my love of hunting with my passion for creating jewelry. I can help hunters create a one of a kind trophy to remember their hunting experience. I love to create custom pieces that combine the perfect stones to create a truly special piece for my clients.

I hope to establish a business that my whole family can be a part of. I'm working to teach my children to create their own custom pieces. My wife steals all my opals in exchange for helping with paperwork, but I'm sure we can get her to part with some for the sake of the business.

In addition to the website we plan to visit local shows and are working on acquiring some retail space in the near future.